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The Art of John Wall

Announcing the launch of The Art of John Wall.

Sometime in May, a friend of mine contacted me asking if I’d be willing to work on his site. “No rush,” he said.

Now unfortunately, I don’t do well with no timelines. So when he followed in June and July with “How’s it going, man?” I would respond with, “Ah, crap. Sorry.”

It’s not intentional, I just need a deadline to motivate me. So when he called in August and I prepared to apologize once again for not working on his site, he asked, “No, no, I was wondering if you might want to work on a second site?”

Usually when I’ve screwed the pooch for so long, a client would be inclined to fire me. Not this guy. To his credit, I think he got it. “This one has to be live by the end of November.”

Sweet mother of pearl. A deadline?!?

I was given a lot of creative license with this site, so I packed it full of things I’ve wanted to try in AS3 but couldn’t seem to talk Organic into trying;

Full-window, liquid layout.
A self-centering content box.
All content in one spot. Text, images, doesn’t matter. One GD spot.
Navigation that goes away when it isn’t needed. Fewer items on the screen, less clutter.

Yes, in essence it’s just another portfolio site. And yes, the concept of next previous buttons in an image isn’t new, but it’s a good idea, so why not do it?

I’m just glad to have been given the opportunity to build something for someone so talented.