First Trimester Screening

Yesterday was the first trimester screening for the upcoming addition to the family. Now that we’ve hit the end of the first trimester I feel a little more confident in announcing Libs’ pregnancy!

Having my fingers crossed from the minute Libs told me she was pregnant til now up to when she gives birth is making it difficult to type. But I’ll manage.


The Trouble With Opinions

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Apparently, it was Abraham Lincoln that said it. Huh…

Just because you think you have something to say, consider it first. Although you might think speaking up helps justify your salary sometimes all it does is call it into question. I tend to keep my mouth shut in meetings until there’s something that directly relates to my experience and/or knowledge. But I’m constantly shocked how people who seem to have no idea what their talking about feel compelled to inject their comments.

On a side note, this is 100% about a work environment. Since I enjoy shooting my mouth off pretty much anywhere else.

Rounders Poker Tour

Now that my blog is back in full swing, here’s some things that’s happened;

I took part in the Rounders Poker Tour yesterday. I was out in a dismal 7th. I typically think texas hold ’em is 40% skill and 60% luck and this event really didn’t shake that conviction. I was beat out in a couple of major hands. They weren’t anything more than lucky draws on the part of my opponent(s). It may be distinctly disadvantageous of me to admit I don’t really believe in the skill behind hold ’em, but c’mon. The skills comes in reading your opponents while in the hand, but if you don’t get your flop, that’s just bad luck.

Anyway, it didn’t particularly bother me to be beat out. I played relatively well even with my lacklustre standing. Just a couple of bad beats I couldn’t recover from. Ah well.

Kudos to the fellas that put it on. A good time, and next month, I’ll be ready. With warmer hands.

New Toy From Libs

Libs friend, Warren, gave her a cool bluetooth headset to work with her phone. To my benefit, she had no real interest in using it. I think partially it was just general apathy towards one more device in her life. Since I love devices, I accepted it with glee.

Additionally, it keeps me on my goal to “cyborg-y” goodness.

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