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Camp Organic Vegas!

Got back from Vegas on Saturday. I had low expectations for this team-building exercise.

Turns out it was a great experience. The team I was in worked very well together. We had few arguments and any that did occur were relatively easily overcome. At no time did I think “Well, that’s it. I’m going to punch someone.”

Plus, I got to dress up as Elvis.

Happy Easter, People!

Libs took Declan to her folks for his second Easter ever. I stayed behind in Toronto because I had/have work to do. I’ve spent the weekend watching comic book inspired movies and sitting on my couch with my laptop. Occasionally glancing at the dog thinking, “Hm, I should take you out.”

So Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate Easter. To all of you that don’t celebrate Easter that live in Canada, you’re welcome for the day off on Friday.

Oh, and Toronto beat Ottawa yesterday in hockey. Happy birthday to me.

Speaking of birthdays, is anyone else sick of knowing a person’s birthday? Thanks to friggin’ Facebook, I can’t just be ignorant of a birthday.


Last week I went to two higher end restaurants. In neither case did I pay. Which is a little out of the norm for me, but I lived with it.

There’s a compulsion I have to talk about both of them because my experiences were so different when it comes to their food.

First there was Blowfish. Blowfish has been around for a few years and I’ve always wanted to go but felt I couldn’t justify the cost. The group I was with got the chef’s tasting menu. Always more expensive but infinitely more interesting as each dish is a surprise. There wasn’t one course I didn’t enjoy. From the Black Cod to the self-cooked Kobi beef on a hot rock, it was a festival of subtle flavour. Additionally, because each course was picked by our chefs, all the courses felt like they went together. There wasn’t a moment where I reacted with, “Oh, ugh.” Rather there was a lot of “Oh my God. This is amazing.” Even our resident raw fish skeptic enjoyed the dishes and pushed his own reluctance aside. I give Blowfish five out of five.

On to Lee. This is another restaurant I’d wanted to go to for a long time. Again I held back due to cost. Although I think it’s likely Lee is slightly less expensive than Blowfish, my experience was such that I won’t go back. Every dish was over-saturated with flavour. The beet and tomato salad was so strong (and NOT because of the beets) that I didn’t want to finish it. Out of the nine dishes we three ordered (it was recommended by the server that each person order three dishes), I enjoyed three; the asparagus and green bean salad, the salmon ceviche and the black cod. If I’d had them alone, plus a small bowl of brown rice, I would have a totally different outlook on Lee. However, I also tasted the duck confit, the afore-mentioned beet and tomato salad and some incredibly lack lustre jerk chicken. That’s right, the one dish I expected to be full of flavour, Jamaica’s own Jerk Chicken, was so subtle it actually approached ‘bland’ territory. Oh, we also had the scallops, which themselves were quite nice, but noone really wants a crunchy top on a soft, delicious scallop. Plus over-crisped bacon included with the scallops was impossible to eat without picking it up with your fingers. I’m not sure what Lee was trying to cover up with over-flavouring their food, but I was incredibly disappointed. I had felt a world class chef like Susur Lee would have a good handle on subtlety. I give Lee a “don’t bother” two out of five.

Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk!

I got to New York on Friday for a week-long stay visiting the Organic office here. It was/is a dual purpose visit for a little training and packing in a crapload of meetings.

However, thanks to not even bothering to check a calendar before booking this trip, I wasn’t aware that Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day. The office is closed Monday. I feel so stupid.

I’m trying to make the best of it, but man, I seriously wish I wasn’t here right now.

On the plus side, I am staying in a fairly cool hotel called Night.

And I actually went to Brooklyn for the first time.

Con Air is a stupid movie.
A hotel right off Times Square means tourists. TONS of tourists.
Walking 28 blocks means blisters when you wear new shoes.
The Hudson River is not entirely straight.

MSN. God Love You.

I was poring over my chat transcripts with my buddy Drew this morning trying to locate something I was sure I told him and found this gem from September;

Drew: What is it with women and Python? I get tired of hearing, “I don’t get it. Why is that funny?”.
Hugh: i leave it be.
Hugh: i don’t get desperate housewives and that’s fine with me
Drew: Fortunately Rose isn’t into that crap. But we do watch a lot of CSI. I must admit that it cracks me up. I love their software!
Drew: There’s nothing like a piece of software that will superimpose 2 face then throw a huge message on the screen in red letters, “Match Found”!
Hugh: oh hell. what the hell is with the lighting?
Hugh: if you have a lab, wouldn’t you want it lit?
Hugh: “have you seen my microscope?”
Hugh: “so fucking dark in here”
Drew: But then how could I look at everything with a tiny flashlight?
Hugh: “where’s the corpse?”
Drew: Follow your nose!
Hugh: hiyo!

You know you're old when…

You wake up after a night of drinking and spend the next 8 hours devising more and more elaborate ways of not working. While simultaneously looking like you’re working. (this, by the way, is not as easy as it looks when you’re blogging)

That whole hangover thing you used to laugh at others for getting is debilitating now.

If you could, you would pull out your eyes and scrub them clean since everything is slightly out of focus.

You danced. ‘Nuff said.

Your plans for lunch include; ducking out, going to a mall and meandering

You turned 35 on the weekend.