CreateinTO – HYPE Framework in Processing


When the organizers of CreateinTO announced they were going to do an evening on Processing and put the call out for speakers, I was approached to declare interest in presenting. I don’t present much anymore and the thought terrified me, but what the hell, right?

Processing + Hype

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Processing is a fantastic Java-based IDE for writing some beautiful work.

Hype is a design and animation framework initially written for Flash by Branden Hall and Joshua Davis.

It has since been ported by Joshua into Processing with the help of James Cruz of Code and Theory.


Enough preamble. I volunteered to do a talk about getting started with Hype in Processing. The funny thing is, on the way to the venue, I decided to not do that. I would provide an introduction to Hype but that Joshua himself does such an amazing job getting you started with his SkillShare that I saw no point in replicating his effort. It is, all things considered, better to learn from the creator than from someone who did what their recommending; namely take the SkillShare. The other point is that it’s $20. If you use this link, you can actually save $10! So you can get access to the tutorials, source files, additional resources for $10?! So now you can see why I just said, “Honestly, there’s no point in me doing this. Go here.”


So there you go, why not do an introduction to Hype? Because an introduction exists and it’s worth every minute.

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