The Freelance Series: Praycation

Today I begin a month-long Praycation. What’s that? You’ve never heard of a Praycation? Maybe in some religious circles, a Praycation refers to something else entirely, but in freelance terms, a Praycation is what happens when you intentionally take time off. You spend that entire time worrying no work will follow it.

I have been freelance for just over two years now. I take pretty much anything that crosses my desk. The first year was tough as I had extended periods of no work. As a freelancer, the term feast or famine is bandied about a lot. It refers to being extremely busy with a lot of work and then not being busy at all with no work whatsoever. My first year of freelancing was a lot like that. This year, however, I took a slightly different tack and prepared for famine better by saving more and budgeting more efficiently.

I digress. I have been pummelled by work since May and have reached a breaking point psychologically. In that time, I also renovated my kitchen (with much help) and my wife had a baby! I took one day off (the birth of my daughter) and went right back to work. Needless to say, I am ready for time off. I even took my laptop to the cottage so I could work for the second year in a row.

So I began not accepting any new work that extended into December. “I’m not available.” became my mantra. Lingering in the back of my head, every time I turned down a project is “Was that the last offer I get?”

Now I am off, intentionally clearing my horizon. I can recharge, I can invest in my skills by learning some new stuff. I can work on a personal project or two and I can spend time with my family.

Now I pray. I pray that after the countdown on New Year’s and I start extending the feelers for work that work can be found.

Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “The Freelance Series: Praycation”

  1. I hear you and feel you.

    Yeah man, 2012 will be fine. While Europe’s screwed, people are getting tired of this extended recession. Even if the recession lasts another 6 years, we’ll at least see a spurt of activity I think in Jan/Feb/Mar following holiday spending sales reports being at least a tincy bit on par/better than last year + profitable.

    Enjoy that shiz, mate!

  2. The other pain is that ramping up again always starts slow. I do think things have changed for Flash work though, which unfortunately is one of the better fits for freelance.

  3. Hugh, I’m going to get all crazy Deepak on you and tell you if you focus on worrying about “no work” you will manifest it.

  4. My intention is ramp up on some Processing stuff (finally getting large-scale prints working comes to mind). I’d also like to take a closer look at oF. I should also take more than a cursory glance at html… 5… html5. or as I like to call it: html.

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