Last year I was invited to make visuals for an old acquaintance, Michael Morton, who is a musician. Displacer is his stage name. Last year, I hemmed and hawed about helping and just couldn’t commit. As a freelancer (or contractor depending on your preference) it’s not a good idea to accept work (free or not) and not do it. It reflects poorly on you.

Night Gallery Cover

He was releasing his latest album, titled Night Gallery and re-contacted me about doing visuals for his performance. This time, I said absolutely and just put my head down and did it.

Displacer and I had our first show on August 11th and were both really pleased with the result!

I worked in Processing, using the Minim FFT library, Daniel Shiffman‘s Wander and Flocking classes and an OSC protocol for Processing, oscP5. Finally, the controller was an iPad running TouchOSC with a simple layout made to give me access to opacity and saving a print, etc.

Mike has a show in Montréal in November I’d love to be at. Commence “Operation: Wear Wife Down”.

In an effort to keep track of what I was doing and Mike abreast of my progress, I made several screencaps of the project.

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  1. Thanks, Ronald. After a quick look at what you already have going on, I think you’re doing much cooler stuff. Are you in town (TO) for Deadmau5’s big finale tonight?

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