The Waiting is Over

Twice now I mentioned Influential. Once, I talked about creating a wordmark. The second, I mentioned it as an upcoming project.


On Wednesday, January 26 I officially launched the support site and announced my newest project, Influential – The Age of Digital, a documentary chronicling a family tree of the digital world from the POV of people that have influenced others.

The intention behind this is to see where the roots of our industry lie by asking Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing?.

As far as I know, this is the first documentary of its kind. I’ll begin by getting submissions via the website during the second, data-gathering, phase and from attending events with a camera.

Obviously, the first thought that comes to your mind is “How, Hugh Elliott, HOW can I help?!!?!”. If it’s something else like “You know, I bet a marmot actually makes a pretty nice pet.” I’d like to attract your attention with something shiny.


Here’s how the documentary could really use help;

I’ve never officially made a documentary. If you have filmmaking experience, I could use some advice. On an equipment front, fund-raising stuff like that. I’d like to try and get ahold of a manageable camera (the Canon Mark V D looks wicked), at least for production blog type stuff. And then what kind of camera to use at events. Remember the end intention is a screenable documentary. Like cinema screen. So keep that in mind. I definitely want to see this on a screen and not look all sucky.

I’m relying primarily on word of mouth. I’ve attached the voice of the documentary to the website, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re able to spread the word, I’d be truly appreciative. Each stage of the documentary will require a fairly major push and I’ll be counting on the good graces of the industry I love to help get the word out.

If you’re a media type (journalist person) I am more than willing to do interviews as the project progresses. My email is hugh [at] influentialmovie [dot] com

If you would like me to come to your location to do a series of questions sessions for the content of the documentary, email me and let’s work it out. If you’d like to do your own location shoot and are willing to abide by the guidelines of the documentary, I am more than happy to send you the shoot guidelines.


Jerry Chabolla and Richard Blakely of Influxis have shown incredible faith in this project by becoming production partners and executive producers. I am humbled and a little nervous that they’re going to be so involved. Thank you so much, Influxis!

I can always use more help in that regard. If you’re interested in providing funding or equipment, I’d be nothing but grateful and willing to have a discussion regarding what level of credit is required in the documentary and site. Hey, Canon! You hear that? I need a camera!

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