I (Almost) Met the PlayBook

On December 14th, I attended the “Meet the Blackberry Playbook” event here in Toronto. Sponsored by Adobe and RIM, expectations were high we’d be seeing something awesome.

My tweets went from the approved hashtag #meettheplaybook to #almostmettheplaybook as the obvious scenario of actually touching a PlayBook went from “woohoo” to “uh oh”. I am truly excited about the PlayBook, I really am. I’d be more excited if I could have held one in my hand. There weren’t that many of us, they could have walked around and let each swipe our finger across the screen… followed by hand sanitizer…

Let’s go by the official PlayBook page and what the reviewers so far have to say:

The momentum certainly seems to be there.
It looks astoundingly nice.
It looks sleek, it seems powerful.

I totally agree. It does seem and look like a pretty awesome device. Until you touch it and try it, that’s all it is. Theory.

However, if you want to get your hands on one, write an app for the BlackBerry appworld and be approved. That’s a pretty great caveat, I’d say.

In other words, devs that are bitching that they can’t try out the PlayBook, "Put up or shut up." It’s not like this is the first time a dev has been asked to write something based on blind faith. iOS Packager, anyone?

3 thoughts on “I (Almost) Met the PlayBook”

  1. I agree that they should have let us get quick one on one time. Especially for an event ending sooner than it was planned, there was time for that or at least seeing demos in person rather over the projector. RIM’s overly protective attitude is certainly a lot different from what many Flash developers are used to from Adobe. However, at the same time, they are the only hardware company that I’ve yet see do this kind of event (perhaps there are some that I am not aware of). Also I had some very specific questions I needed answered before starting development on a particular PlayBook app and it was nice to be able to get answers straight from RIM & Adobe.

    However, in the end it’s not what I think about the PlayBook, it’s who buys them and what kind market will exist for the PlayBook. On that end I keep coming across articles like the following about large companies ready to make a big buy into the Playbook:

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