FiTC Edmonton Done

The 2nd year of FiTC Edmonton is over and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. Grant and Bobi Skinner are excellent hosts. Although it was a quiet event, it was a single-track event, giving the attendees the opportunity to see every speaker, an impossible task in a multi-track event.

Once again, I co-opted my session time with some moviesinhaiku. My main session was Things I learned in Preschool and concentrated on self-management and being an effective team player. It could possibly come across as “touchy-feely” but I like to think that these topics are atypical at conferences like FiTC. The moviesinhaiku part was extremely well-received. I can’t get over how gratifying it is to have people applaud my little project. Thank you all. I am humbled by your complements.

I was asked if I’d be putting my slides online and at first I just sort of stood there thinking about it. My slides are pretty bereft of copy. I try to distill any message a slide has to a maximum of three points and I think my slides don’t make much sense without me speaking to them. So put me in the “undecided” camp as to whether or not I’ll put my slides up.

Another person asked if I brought prints with me to sell because they would definitely buy one if I did. This is where I need to admit I’m a terrible salesman. It did occur to me to bring some prints to sell but I feel mildly ill at the idea of saying “and I brought prints to sell if you want one.”

So my response is this: if you don’t like the idea of using your credit card or Paypal, but want to buy a print, email me and we’ll work out an email transfer or something. I give prints away at conferences to attendees because I think you guys deserve a gift for sitting all day in uncomfortable seats watching people like me. There’s also a part of me that knows conference organizers might not like me “hawking my wares” at their venue and I don’t blame them.

Many thanks for Shawn Pucknell of FiTC for asking me to come to Edmonton and making it possible, once again, for me to get totally nervous in front of an audience. Thanks also to Grant Skinner, who’s generosity in allowing me and a few others to shack up at his home while he and his amazing wife, Bobi, played host to us. There continues a huge support network in this community I call home and I am privileged and honoured by being a part of it. I don’t have any upcoming speaking commitments for 2011 so this may have been it for me in the public lens. Who knows?

If it is, 2010 was an awesome ride.

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