Why Moviesinhaiku?

I get mainly positive feedback on my work with Moviesinhaiku. However, very occasionally I have heard “I don’t get it.” As a justification, here are my 5 reasons for Moviesinhaiku:

5. As a freelancer, I experience downtime. It’s part of the employment cycle. When I have extra time, it’s better to occupy myself than to sit and play video games which give me nothing back.

4. I program in AS3. I have been animating or programming in Flash since 1999. Doesn’t that seem a long time to be doing one thing? With Moviesinhaiku, I can experiment, play, try new things and challenge myself.

3. As part of challenging myself, I have to admit something; typography scares me. It always has. I am a face your fears kind of guy. Therefore I am doing typographic treatments as an attempt to shake my fear of typography.

2. I graduated from Interpretive Illustration before I made the jump to digital. I went from painting every day to typing in what feels an instant. There’s an illustrator inside me screaming “Why code Hugh? WHY!!??!” So I am combining illustrations into the prints.

1. Why not? I love movies, it doesn’t hurt anyone (minus the people who’s delicate aesthetic sensibilities might be compromised) and if you don’t like Moviesinhaiku, they’re easily avoided. They’re not that popular. Yet.

So there you go. That’s why I do Moviesinhaiku. If you like any of the prints, I priced them so anyone could afford to enjoy them. If you have a specific movie you want done, email me: hugh [at] moviesinhaiku [dot] com If it’s a movie I like and know, I might take a crack at it. If it’s not but you present a compelling argument, I still might take a crack at it.

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