Flashbelt, You’re Like a Fine Wine

You just keep getting better. In its seventh year, Flashbelt put on a great show. Dave Schroeder knows his conference and gathers together some of the best and most inspirational speakers in our community. And me. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak this year. I’d never been and now wish I’d taken some opportunity to check it out before.

I’m afraid I’ll miss something so I really want to keep this brief. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the three “headliners”; Jared Tarbell, Jared Ficklin and Jer Thorp. These three fellas are doing what can only be described as “jaw-dropping” work. If you haven’t heard of them… well… are you my mom? I mean, really, I can forgive my mom. Otherwise, and I’m having a hard time figuring it out, did you come here by accident? Like, you thought this was “when i thought she was 18 and barely legal”?

But I digress…

I am always so honoured to be included in such an august lineup. I mean, you have such visionaries as Mario Klingemann, Keith Peters, Ralph Hauwert, Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert who make such beauty out of code. Plus, amazing creators and educators like Filip Visnjic and Rob Bateman who I got a chance to speak with this conference.

It’s such a pleasure to be allowed to sit and chat with these folks. Personally I’d like to lock them in a relatively comfortable room and have them teach me stuff, but sitting with them and sharing stories is a close second. And then there are people like Stacey Mulcahy and Julian Dolce that welcome me with open arms whenever I return to Ottawa. Essentially, every time I see these people, it’s like a little reunion. Of course there are others and I hope no-one takes offence if I don’t mention them specifically. The work shown and the advice given can only be described as inspirational. Filip’s “If you already know the end, don’t do it. Be surprised” (I’m paraphrasing) kind of blew me away. Oh, and Jennifer Shiman announced the end of the 30 Second Bunny Theater. Waaaaaaaah!!!!

The attendees were amazing. Anyone who attended my talk seemed genuinely happy with my session and no-one at all punched me in the face. Success all ’round. Talking with the attendees afterward was a true pleasure as well. Lots of great questions and fantastic feedback.

The sponsors were incredible. The folks at Adobe continue to be major supporters of conferences like Flashbelt. They’re also some swell people to boot. I don’t envy the traveling they do. It was a real pleasure to meet Bruno and Stephen from SF and PowerFlasher.

I spent a fair amount with the guys from Influxis. It was a rare treat as I was able to find out more about them and how Influxis started. Quite a tale to hear and what a great bunch they are. In addition to being very supportive of the community, that is. You can hand out money and still be dicks, FYI. These guys are the exact opposite.

Lastly, I got hold of the Particle book put together by Kristin Henry of Galaxy Goo fame. Kristin was kind enough to invite me to participate so I have a page in this book! Self-interest aside, Galaxy Goo is a great organization and any chance to help it out I’ll take.

As best I could, I used Twitter accounts because these people have more to say than what is contained in an hour on stage.

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