FiTC Made Me Fat. Again.

After finally getting back to the gym in March and actually making an effort, I was excited to see I could get back in shape. Then FiTC. Son of a… three days of sessions and four nights of catching up sets my exercise recovery back by a month at least.

I feel I can never do justice to my experiences at conferences. Primarily because it’s such a personal thing. Reconnecting with old friends, making new friends and generally existing in a good vibe. Mostly I lament not spending time with enough people, but you need to be judicious as there simply isn’t enough time. That being said, let’s see if I can rough it out.

Grant and Bobi showed up a little early and started my FiTC experience off right with a quiet brunch with Libs and Declan.

I attended or saw the most sessions ever on record for me at a FiTC. This can be attributed to Influxis streaming sessions live via fms. Therefore, some morning sessions that I’d most likely miss, I actually didn’t.

Keith Peters and “Programming Art” was totally inspirational. Keith’s work has always impressed me, but the variety of possibilities he showed in his talk were incredible. I honestly had no idea there were that many options.

The panel “From Solo to CEO” was pretty good. There can be issues when you have one extremely dominant personality in the panel which can lead to silence from the others, but it was moderated pretty well and I think most opinions were fairly evenly aired.

The session “The Apparat” and Joa Ebert. Joa has to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Let’s face it, he is one impressive dude. His session was thoroughly confusing as I’m not at that level, but still inspiring.

“Storytelling: Absorbed, Obsessed and Immersed” well, what can I say here? The panel was chock-a-block with talent and interesting to say the least.

Thanks again to Influxis, I was able to catch Wes Grubbs speak. I met Wes a few years ago at Flash on the Beach and haven’t seen him since. Good talk, informative.

Stacey Mulcahy is a perennial favourite for her off-colour language and funny delivery. Her talk was interesting, to be sure.

The last session I sat in on was Mario Klingemann and I really can’t explain how much Mario inspires me. Just his easy way of speaking and nonchalance in the face of brilliant discoveries make me want to try harder.

Freelance. You know, I spent a number of years attempting to build a freelance career and had just put myself into a good spot when I decided to drop everything and get a “job job” as I like to call it. Now that I’m back in the freelance game, FiTC seemed like the perfect place to *shudder* network. What I don’t normally realize is just being a nice guy is sometimes networking. Opportunities presented themselves that I would never have thought possible. So yes, I am freelance and yes, I want to code the SHIT out of something for you.

Shawn Pucknell. Shawn’s been personally running FiTC and the flashinto flash user group for so long, it would be nothing without him. Kudos to him and his crew for another amazing show.

There were a number of situations that occurred on a personal level that once again reaffirms the word “community” to me with these people. The close ties I’ve made simply become tighter (ties that bind, donchaknow) and I wonder how I ever got so lucky. You know who you are, you magnificent bastards!

The next event I’ll see anyone at will be Flashbelt where I will be presenting my first session of the year.

Once again. FiTC, to quote John Grden, you \m/

4 thoughts on “FiTC Made Me Fat. Again.”

  1. I agree. Had a great time and was good to get in some quality conversations with you for once.

    btw, I love how you slipped in “favourite” and “colour” in the same sentence. I’d like to buy a “u”.

  2. What a great client to have! Sounds like it was a dream gig wornikg with the fitc folks. Congrats on landing that!Dude, I love this identity. It really nails the goals, with a clean and forward-looking feel, with a prominent creative and even whimsical edge.For some reason, it makes me think of Bladerunner. God only knows why, but anything that does that HAS to be great.

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