Nokia 5230 Nuron

The fine folks at OneMethod contacted me concerning their latest project for Nokia. An in-store tool for sales staff to showcase Nokia’s latest offering; the Nokia 5230 Nuron!

Note: all following images are scaled at least 50%

This was an interesting project for me. It included a multitude of items that needed to be coded; slideshows, quizzes, video integration (both in a video player and alpha video as transitions) and language localization (english and spanish). Like a lot of projects I get asked to participate in, this one had a very short timeline but looked so cool I just couldn’t say no.

Now that you’ve chosen a language, here’s where you are.

The first section: Touch

Single tiered content in the Play section

Dual tiered content – slideshow example in the Connect section

Dual tiered content – quiz example in the Play section

Something else I managed to sort out for this project was a colour-coding needed for each section. The loader, the titles, rollovers, pretty much anything that required a specific colour made use of the SectionColour class.

Oh yeah, and it’s my very first click for fullscreen piece as well. Not too bad at all.

Lastly, this was the first project where I used Grant Skinner’s GTween and GTweener. I have to say, it worked great. Not to mention that Grant made himself available to answer my questions. An admirable quality in a developer. Thanks, Grant. 😉

Note: this was an in-store only piece so I have it uploaded to my server for you to check out.

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