Pedigree Dentastix

In February, I was fortunate to be asked to build a site for the awesome agency, Proximity Toronto. Their client is Pedigree and the site is Dentastix.

Note: following images are scaled approx. 50%
dentastix site home page
Welcome to the Dentastix site!

dentastix site product selection
There are three dentastix sizes; small, medium and large. There needed to be a way to choose one of those sizes. In this instance, there are three!

dentastix site product size selected
Once a size is selected, a variety of informational elements are provided. The variety of packages available, list of ingredients of each package, plus caloric content, etc, etc.

dentastix site fetch section
There was a need to accommodate previously built content in the form of video segments of dogs fetching Dentastix bones.

This site gave me a chance to continue to hone my chops. There is an extensive amount of XML, as per my usual MO, thanks to needing to build this site in both french and english.

Thanks again to Proximity Toronto for this great opportunity.

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