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Here’s the skinny on TattooCapture. I called myself out at Flash on the Beach, then Sheridan College, a FlashinTO user group meeting and finally Seneca College, for being a procrastinating chump (see my presentation 10 Best Excuses to NOT do Amazing Work)

Currently the site is still incomplete. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on it and have stricken plenty of items off my to do list but there are many many more items remaining.

image scaled roughly 50%

As you can see in the screengrab above I have a lot done. The design of the site is rough and will remain so until I can convince one of the many talented designers I know to make it pretty. But as Chris Pelsor has said “Get version 1 done and worry about the rest after”.

What’s working;

    Age verification
    Registration and account creation
    Account update (for facebook, twitter, etc)
    Avatar creation (using a webcam or uploaded image)
    Gallery creation
    Image creation (using a webcam or uploaded image)
    Adding images to a gallery
    Viewing galleries
    Viewing images
    A development notes window
    An instructions window

What isn’t working (yet);

    Viewing updated user info
    Viewing specific users
    Search in any form
    The actual mechanism for a tattoocapture (take one image, put it on another, save)
    Add friend functionality
    Verify friend functionality
    Send in-site messages
    Ratings on images
    And much, much, sigh, much more

Anyway, I know the amount of egg on the face one wears when they commit to specific launch dates and can’t make it. I’m relatively embarassed, but considering what’s been accomplished so far, I can safely say I’ve done a lot.

Never fear, this is not the end. It’s simply an update so you all know I didn’t just stop. I’m really excited with the progress. If you want to play with the site as is, send me an email

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