Estée Lauder win

Update September 25 Turns out Estée won in the “Beauty and Cosmetics” category at the OMMA Awards a few days ago! This thing is a monster.

I’ve found out the site I worked on, Estée Lauder, has won;

two WebAward awards (Outstanding Website, Best Fashion Website)
one Internet Advertising Award (Outstanding Achievement In Internet Advertising)

It’s also an entry at Cannes! (Cosmetics, Beauty & Toiletries)

More after the jump;

Managing a team of five Flash developers and co-ordinating remotely with the New York office was a true test of my managerial abilities. The site went down to the wire, but in all, I was really pleased with the efforts of my team. Todd Fraser and Stephan Tanguay, especially.

Not to mention, it was my very first AS3 project. I’ve learned a ton since then in implementing AS3, but I cut my teeth with this project. My favourite self-built classes, TextFormatter and MainImporter were first coded for Estée Lauder. I owe Organic, a debt of thanks for being able to work on this project.

My focus, beyond management, was the Skin Care Diagnostic Tool

Honestly, what better way to start the day than to find out work you’ve done won awards?

In case I forget, FOTB, here I come!

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