FoTB 30 days away!

Things are really motoring. I’ve moved over to my friend John Breton’s server. John is a .NET guy and knows his junk, lemmetellya.

I have never done so much using webservices. Registration, login, updating, uploading, friending, messages, world locations, etc, etc. I have exclusively been using Carlo Alducente’s WebService class. It’s been invaluable and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Soon enough I’ll be making use of Senocular’s Transform Tool.

Interested in being a beta-tester (or as I like to call it, Better Tester)? send me an email. I hope to be ready for full-scale testing in about a week. Many hands make light work, as they say. Many eyes make amazing work, I say.

The end goal for this is to be finished by Flash on the Beach where I am presenting my session The 10 Best Excuses to NOT do Amazing Work. I hope to see you there! I did say I would light a monkey on fire to compete with Quasimondo’s presentation happening at the same time as mine.

I’ve been updates about development on Twitter : tattoocapture

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