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Particle by GalaxyGoo

Near the end of 2009 I was asked to participate in the GalaxyGoo flash-a-thon themed “Particle”. I had just begun experimenting with an Orbit class and Hype and felt like I had a little something to contribute.

Kristin Henry, the founder of GalaxyGoo, brought several copies of the printed book to Flashbelt. I am so stoked to see my work in print!

Thanks again to Kristin for the opportunity! The book can be purchased here

The Quietly Talented

It turns out the nice lady down the street self-published a book of verse. “For children…of all ages.” she told Libs.

It’s a lovely book.

Here’s an excerpt:

i used to think :
that horses were fathers and cows were the mothers;
and cats and dogs were sisters and brothers;
a deer was a mom; a moose was a dad;
and mice were all good and rats were quite bad;
eagles were angry and dolphins were not
and we hooman beans were the best of the lot.

If you’re interested in getting ahold of a copy, email Leona.