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Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk! Still…

Tomorrow night I finally get home. Here’s a brief synopsis, since I promised I would blog about being here and to be honest, I just want to go home.

Here’s my room. Where I’ve basically been sequestered for a week.

Eric Miranda. Awesome dude.Ming Dynasty, Eric’s band, is so close to getting their LP finished. I swear to God, I can taste it.

Josh’s wife and little girl are sick (or were over the weekend) so I couldn’t visit. Too bad.

I painted for the first time in a couple of years. Much to Libs’ chagrin, it wasn’t for her.

My palms get sweaty typing on my laptop because the metal is slippy and hot.

Times Square is so lame even someone like me, visiting the city, hates it.

Fontana’s is a cool bar in the middle of Chinatown.

Connelly’s and The Perfect Pint are two bars located next to each other, are owned by the same people, so are not particularly competing. It’s like a huge lie. I feel cheated. However, the bartender DID give me a free scotch.

I gave myself a heel blister by walking approximately 50 blocks round trip. Ghey. So now I basically limp around like a goof.

Geoff Lillemon is capable of getting anyone, ANYONE, to do pretty much anything at any time. Just witness the majesty of the pineapple.

I’m a confirmed speaker at FiTC TO. My presentation is called “OOP for the OOPless”. I’m very very excited. I haven’t spoken since, ah heck, DesignFest a few years ago. Mostly I’ve been hanging out at events, looking like a tremendous hanger on.

It’s hard to work on a laptop in a hotel room.

My new favourite quote. “I’m gonna punch that Bleeker kid in the weiner next time I see him” – Mac, Juno’s father. Juno, released 2007.

NYC Whirlwind

Went to NYC for the day for the first time yesterday.

It’s been a few years since I’d been back. I managed to meet with the guys from Organic (the whole reason for going) then slipped off to see my friends from Ming Dynasty. Eric and Ming were recording in the basement of some chinese restaurant/club in the lower east side.

It was a lot of fun to see Eric and Ming again. I even managed to have a late lunch then a pint with Eric’s charming girlfriend Marie while he was busy packing up. They saw me off in a taxi headed to LaGuardia and I accidentally tipped my cabbie (the “Happy Cabbie” apparently) an extra 20 bucks…Oops. However, he got me to the airport in time to jump on an earlier flight. So I got home an hour earlier to Libs and Declan.

*All videos and photos taken with my phone.