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FiTC 10 Year

FiTC 10-yr Banner

“No, I won’t be doing IronFlash this year.”

Over the past 10 years of FiTC, I have been proud to be included as a speaker 4 times. I also ran a live coding competition called IronFlash for four years straight. Once it was even televised on TechTV! Ah, the good ol’ days.

This will be my fifth go-around as a speaker and this time, I’ll be presenting in the Influxis Voodoo Lounge.

This has some exciting aspects to it;
1. Free beer.
2. 30-minute session.
3. Did I mention free beer?

In my session Film Fan to Filmmaker at 4:05 pm on Monday May 2nd, I will be showing a 30 minute review of 2010 that culminated in my launching of Influential – The Age of Digital, a documentary with a decidedly “digital twist”. Harkening back to my first foray into documentary filmmaking, wheniwas19, I will asking anyone and everyone to submit to Influential during FiTC using my laptop! So get ready to submit! I bought a swanky HD webcam just for this.

On top of everything else, Hot Docs is happening April 28 – May 8! For a newly-created documentary filmmaker, there’s nothing more exciting than over a week of documentaries being screened in one city. I’m also listed as a director for the event and will be attempting to hobnob as much as I can while it’s on.
So come to FiTC 10 in Toronto!

Influential – The Update

Online submissions via webcam are now being accepted! This is a big step for the documentary as it goes from theoretical to actual.

There are some minor notes to make. Be sure to verify your microphone is being picked up. After agreeing to let the site access your camera and mic, do a test recording. As simple as hitting Record, saying a few words and clicking Finish. Once you’ve verified your mic is being recorded, hit Retake and do your actual recording. Otherwise you can specify which mic is being accessed. (thank you to @puremvc for the heads up)

On the submission form, I am using a very large database for location. Consequently, when you choose a Country, then a Region, the amount of cities returned could be quite large and take a while for you to find yours. I will be implementing a filtering system into the form so you can type a couple of letters in to narrow the cities list down some. (thank you to @mykola for the suggestion)

Lastly, I will be adding an upload feature so you can use saved video files. Hopefully this won’t take too long to implement as I am sure some of you in the video industry would want to make your own superclean, pretty submissions. In the meantime, you can email hugh [at] influentialmovie [dot] com and I can submit on your behalf, if that’s the case.

No end of thanks to Influxis for the continuing support!

Please spread the word and let’s get as many people submitting as possible!

My 2010 In Review

2010 was a strange year for me.

Unintentionally I did less client work than I should have. When I started working on a portfolio, I had to wonder how I managed to pay my mortgage with how little work I did. Heck, I even griped about not working in April. You know that feeling that maybe it’s you? Yeah…

Moviesinhaiku – Watches, Prints, You know…
On the other side of things my self-directed personal project, Moviesinhaiku, started taking off. I was given some interesting opportunities involving my love of movies and haiku.

Firstly, Scott Wilk invited me to design a watch! That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. I cannot wait for it to be finished. And I think we’ll continue the collaboration as I enjoy designing watches. I can’t vouch for Scott, but I am totally into it. And if anyone else wants me to design a timepiece, hellz ya is all I can say to that.

The casing from render to silver casting

The face from render to silver casting

I’ve been working on the second watch for a little while now. Very excited about that.

Secondly, Dana Brunetti from Trigger Street asked me to design a larger version of one of my prints and I opted for doing a brand-new triptych of their latest production, The Social Network. My first commission, as it were. Very exciting! Anyone wants a custom Moviesinhaiku original, let me know, I am down.

The Social Network tripych

Public Speaking
I was also truly lucky to speak 3 times this year at events. The Flashbelt conference, Flashonthebeach and FiTC Edmonton. I wrote about them individually before, so let’s just say I really love public speaking and my intended session for 2011 ought to be awesome. So far my only confirmed speaking engagement is for FiTC Toronto. This should be an amazing conference and I am truly excited about it. Any other conference organizers want me to speak at their events, let me know, I simultaneously love and hate public speaking, but I am getting a knack for it.

The Future
What’s on the horizon for 2011? Man, I know one thing, I am going to be working on a documentary film I am calling Influential – The Age of Digital. I blogged recently on how to create a wordmark and that was meant as a teaser to this project. Stay tuned, I am crazy excited about this project.

My upcoming documentary film project

If you know something about the film industry, man I can use some help. So far, I am stoked to know that the fine folk at Influxis will be involved and potentially FiTC. I don’t want to speak out of turn, so I’ll leave it there. Anyone want to throw money into a totally interesting project for a production credit, you need to let me know. Or however that works. I am hoping to find out soon.

Finally, I quit smoking. Feel really good about that.

Why Moviesinhaiku?

I get mainly positive feedback on my work with Moviesinhaiku. However, very occasionally I have heard “I don’t get it.” As a justification, here are my 5 reasons for Moviesinhaiku:

5. As a freelancer, I experience downtime. It’s part of the employment cycle. When I have extra time, it’s better to occupy myself than to sit and play video games which give me nothing back.

4. I program in AS3. I have been animating or programming in Flash since 1999. Doesn’t that seem a long time to be doing one thing? With Moviesinhaiku, I can experiment, play, try new things and challenge myself.

3. As part of challenging myself, I have to admit something; typography scares me. It always has. I am a face your fears kind of guy. Therefore I am doing typographic treatments as an attempt to shake my fear of typography.

2. I graduated from Interpretive Illustration before I made the jump to digital. I went from painting every day to typing in what feels an instant. There’s an illustrator inside me screaming “Why code Hugh? WHY!!??!” So I am combining illustrations into the prints.

1. Why not? I love movies, it doesn’t hurt anyone (minus the people who’s delicate aesthetic sensibilities might be compromised) and if you don’t like Moviesinhaiku, they’re easily avoided. They’re not that popular. Yet.

So there you go. That’s why I do Moviesinhaiku. If you like any of the prints, I priced them so anyone could afford to enjoy them. If you have a specific movie you want done, email me: hugh [at] moviesinhaiku [dot] com If it’s a movie I like and know, I might take a crack at it. If it’s not but you present a compelling argument, I still might take a crack at it.

Moviesinhaiku at FlashinTO

For those of you that read this blog, you might be disappointed to see it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. However, if you’re also a follower of mine on Twitter, you’re likely not that surprised.

Over the past few months I’ve been busying myself with freelance work, thank God, and my side/personal project, Moviesinhaiku.

It’s been a busy project, as all the best personal projects are. I tweet, blog about printing, sell the prints and started a Facebook page to support the effort. I also maintain a “play” site for the haikus where I add functionality every so often as a way of experimenting. The latest feature was to add SWFaddress. You can’t bookmark a fave haiku, yet, but it’s coming, I swear.

I am presenting about the experience of Moviesinhaiku and giving away a few prints tonight at the TO flash user group (FlashinTO) monthly meeting at Function 13. I hope you’re able to come!

Last Weekend

Libs and I had planned on going to Huff Estates winery for our first weekend alone since Declan was born. However, with Declan getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease, we felt it inappropriate to drop him at the grandparents and waving so long.

Turns out after we cancelled our reservation, he started to feel better and by the weekend, he was fully recovered. We brought him to Libs’ parents anyway so we could still get a little break.

They gave us the opportunity to head into Peterborough and watch a movie. Went to Hancock. As we were walking around downtown Peterborough, we happened to see this car sitting in a parking lot.

I recommend waiting a second while you look at it. No? Imfamous. Not only is it stupid to have Infamous on your windshield, it’s just that little bit extra stupid to misspell it.

Oh and we went to the drive-in in the evening and saw Wall•e and The Incredible Hulk. Took care of all our summer blockbusters at one go.

Movies for the Day

While I work, I like to have a movie playing in the background (as in, my second monitor). Usually at half size and kind of quiet, but a nice little “Hey, what’s going on over there?”

Anyway, today’s movies are;

• The original Rat Pack in Ocean’s 11
• Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World
• The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
• O Brother Where Art Thou?