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Last Weekend

Libs and I had planned on going to Huff Estates winery for our first weekend alone since Declan was born. However, with Declan getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease, we felt it inappropriate to drop him at the grandparents and waving so long.

Turns out after we cancelled our reservation, he started to feel better and by the weekend, he was fully recovered. We brought him to Libs’ parents anyway so we could still get a little break.

They gave us the opportunity to head into Peterborough and watch a movie. Went to Hancock. As we were walking around downtown Peterborough, we happened to see this car sitting in a parking lot.

I recommend waiting a second while you look at it. No? Imfamous. Not only is it stupid to have Infamous on your windshield, it’s just that little bit extra stupid to misspell it.

Oh and we went to the drive-in in the evening and saw Wall•e and The Incredible Hulk. Took care of all our summer blockbusters at one go.

Father's Day

Sunday was my second father’s day and it was awesome! But first, let me talk about Saturday. My cousin Chandra’s husband, Dave, was in town with his band The Tall Boys of Kentucky for NXNE.

What an incredible show. They didn’t go on until midnight and I was pretty tired and sober by the time they rolled onto the stage. Riding your motorcycle can put a damper on any visit to a bar. They Tall Boys had an amazing energy and all familial pride aside, Dave’s drumming was phenomenal. They’re playing tonight, Tuesday June 17th, at the Lakeside Lounge on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. If you’re in the neighbourhood, check them out. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them. Plus, Dave hooked me up with two bottles of single cask bourbon. I love you…

Anyway, this leads me to Sunday. My one father’s day request was to sleep in. With a toddler waking up at 5:30 am every morning and going to a show that went til 1 am, I really wanted, nay needed to sleep in.

Libs woke me up with Declan at 9:30 am. My presents? Besides a happy Declan, I got a card, a shirt and Libs had a little printed card stating she was having one of my Josh prints framed. The last time Josh came to FiTC, he gave me a Ming Dynasty print. Eric Miranda is one of my favourite New Yorkers and his band is awesome. Josh knows it, so it’s a great gift. The last print he gave me is oddly sized so I need to have it professionally framed. And I’ve been a little reticent in that area. Anyway, I’m excited to have the Ming Dynasty print framed. I love getting artwork from my friends.

She also gave me a great shirt. Then, when Declan was napping, I ran out bought myself a father’s day gift. A new helmet. Finally, I can replace the half helmet I bought a year into owning my bike that never really fit and made my head look like a mushroom. The new helmet is exactly like this but with flames. Sweet.

Then, we went to a concert. Declan’s first ever concert. Dan Zanes is like the Raffi of the 2000’s. It was awesome. Declan had so much fun! He’d stand on his seat and dance, he’d jump into the aisle and dance. He went to the family behind us and sat on the lap of first the father and then the son. He’d clap and yell. He spun around and around.

Finally, to top it all off, although it was closed, the organic butcher down the street from the concert invited Libs and Declan in to look around. Libs picked out a few chicken breasts. Oh, and it was FREE CHICKEN DAY. Excuse me? A free chicken??? So we got a free 6 pound chicken. Which I promptly shoved a king can of beer up it’s ass and roasted on the BBQ. You’ve never had chicken til you’ve had beer chicken.

To sum up;

Free chicken, good.
Dan Zanes, good.
New helmet, good.
Framed artwork, good.
Kentucky, great.
Libs, awesome.
Declan, awesome.