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Wilk Watchworks Collaboration

During my FITC Influxis Voodoo Lounge session, I showed a couple of slides concerning my collaboration with Scott Wilk, a toronto-based silversmith and watchmaker. His shop is called Wilk Watchworks.

I am incapable of doing justice to how impressed I am by Scott. He has shown an insane amount of patience for a non-watch designer. The process of dealing with me can be summed up in one sentence “Why not?” When he seemed reluctant to do something, he just shrugged and I could see it in his head “Why not?”. So kudos to you, Scott.

Finishing these are some revisions and finishing comments both Scott and I have and will address in any sold watches. The prototypes I have in my possession are 95% what I want. The process Scott went through to make these watches at all was monumental. Truly an impressive feat.

Cost while cost may be barrier for most, I want you to know something (and it took a very dear friend’s advice for me to realize this) if we could make these watches less expensive, we would. In fact, Scott has looked into alternatives to the casting and hand-finishing methods he is obliged to use to make these handcrafted objets d’art. Our intention would be to have cheaper, in the $300 range, production watches and these art handcrafted watches.

Where where would I be able to order these fine, hand-crafted pieces, you ask? The Rounders watch is available here. Tron, here.

WIP I was constantly amazed that Scott was willing to let me collaborate with him in the first place that I actually kept up a pretty good work-in-progress gallery on the Moviesinhaiku facebook page for both Rounders and Tron.

To those of you that have seen the watches firsthand and liked them and said so, thank you so much. I can honestly say I was blown away by the positive reaction during FITC to Scott and my watches! Means a lot!

The Long Weekend

I haven’t posted in awhile. Just haven’t had much to say, I guess. Libs took Declan to the cottage this weekend til Thursday so I’ve been on my own since Friday. What did I do? Not a lot, to be honest. I took it really easy. Besides Saturday which seemed to last forever.

Sunday, my friend Dale came over and we swapped out the handlebars on my bike. Amazing what a difference it made. What a pain in the ass, though. boring out the trees, two trips to the home depot for bolts then drill bits (He bought another drill too to accommodate a 1/2″ drill bit. Turns out the bit was lathed down at the drill side to 3/8″, so he could return the drill unopened) He was incredibly patient and quite the problem-solver. When we talked about boring out the trees to allow the 3″ bolts to pass through, I wanted to give up. But those bits tore through the aluminum like butter.

Anyway, I took some shots with my phone, but have yet to take them off. Will post them later.

I also finished Declan’s nursery closet. Amazingly after a year in the house, we’ve just glossed over the fact his closet was full of junk, tools, boxes to recycle and quarter round.


This weekend, Libs and I went on a baby-proofing extravaganza. We wrapped the fireplace foot (lintel?) with this cool foam stuff. Declan really likes to climb it for some reason. I installed wood onto the railing so we would be able to use our brand new pressure bottom of stair gate, since he’s also, somewhere along the line, taught himself to awkwardly climb stairs.

For me, the pièce de resistance is my solution to a power bar and power cord fairground I had beside my desk. (I apologize, but two printers, two USB and firewire hubs, two monitors, a CPU, a scanner, firewire hard drive, cable modem and wireless router all need to be plugged in for Libs and I both to use our separate computers. Her computer is on the other side of the room.)

My solution, IMHO, is pretty smart. Buy a Rubbermaid bin with a locking lid, drill two holes in the end, and put all my power supplies, cords, etc. in it.

Note the vent holes.


Even Libs has to admit that it looks very good and knowing little Declan won’t be sticking whatever he’s capable of sticking in one of those outlets on a power bar or chewing on a cord running the juice to my Mac is reassuring.