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It’s NOT the First Smoke

cigarette butt

As a former smoker, I know one thing. It’s not the first smoke I have that will get me smoking again. That first cigarette will suck. It’ll remind me that it takes actual effort to pull smoke down my throat and fill my lungs with poison. That first smoke will hurt. It’ll make me dizzy. I’ll feel nauseous. It’ll taste like shit and make me cough hard. That first cigarette will confirm I am no longer a smoker.

Sure, it’ll suck. But I bet I finish it. I bet I finish it, then smile and say to whoever gave me that smoke “God, that sucked” and I’ll have that look. You know the look. The look that says “I pity you. You poor, senseless smoker. I beat cigarettes. You saw me hate that cigarette, right? I loathed that smoke. That’s equal to how much I pity you.”

And the smoker will look back and think “Just wait.” The next time that smoker goes out, I’ll go back out with him/her and bum another smoke. I’ll think to myself “I hated that first one so much, I can easily have another and still hate smoking.”

But I won’t hate smoking on the second smoke.

It’ll be easier to smoke. It won’t hurt as much going down. I won’t cough as much. It won’t even taste as bad. In fact, it’ll be reminiscent of all the times I’d go out for a smoke with my friends. And I’ll like it.

I can promise you, fellow former smoker, it’s not the first smoke you have that’ll be the problem. It’s the smoke you have after you proved you beat smoking. That confidence is what will be your downfall. Don’t have the first smoke.