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My 2010 In Review

2010 was a strange year for me.

Unintentionally I did less client work than I should have. When I started working on a portfolio, I had to wonder how I managed to pay my mortgage with how little work I did. Heck, I even griped about not working in April. You know that feeling that maybe it’s you? Yeah…

Moviesinhaiku – Watches, Prints, You know…
On the other side of things my self-directed personal project, Moviesinhaiku, started taking off. I was given some interesting opportunities involving my love of movies and haiku.

Firstly, Scott Wilk invited me to design a watch! That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. I cannot wait for it to be finished. And I think we’ll continue the collaboration as I enjoy designing watches. I can’t vouch for Scott, but I am totally into it. And if anyone else wants me to design a timepiece, hellz ya is all I can say to that.

The casing from render to silver casting

The face from render to silver casting

I’ve been working on the second watch for a little while now. Very excited about that.

Secondly, Dana Brunetti from Trigger Street asked me to design a larger version of one of my prints and I opted for doing a brand-new triptych of their latest production, The Social Network. My first commission, as it were. Very exciting! Anyone wants a custom Moviesinhaiku original, let me know, I am down.

The Social Network tripych

Public Speaking
I was also truly lucky to speak 3 times this year at events. The Flashbelt conference, Flashonthebeach and FiTC Edmonton. I wrote about them individually before, so let’s just say I really love public speaking and my intended session for 2011 ought to be awesome. So far my only confirmed speaking engagement is for FiTC Toronto. This should be an amazing conference and I am truly excited about it. Any other conference organizers want me to speak at their events, let me know, I simultaneously love and hate public speaking, but I am getting a knack for it.

The Future
What’s on the horizon for 2011? Man, I know one thing, I am going to be working on a documentary film I am calling Influential – The Age of Digital. I blogged recently on how to create a wordmark and that was meant as a teaser to this project. Stay tuned, I am crazy excited about this project.

My upcoming documentary film project

If you know something about the film industry, man I can use some help. So far, I am stoked to know that the fine folk at Influxis will be involved and potentially FiTC. I don’t want to speak out of turn, so I’ll leave it there. Anyone want to throw money into a totally interesting project for a production credit, you need to let me know. Or however that works. I am hoping to find out soon.

Finally, I quit smoking. Feel really good about that.

Creating a wordmark

The above image is the wordmark for a new project I’m hoping to start soon. More on that on a future date.

I thought I’d just do a post on how I came up with this wordmark. Probably because when I started, I asked a designer friend of mine to do it since I was afraid of doing it myself. Have you ever heard the phrase “Throw enough shit at the wall to see what sticks?” It’s used commonly in the advertising industry in brainstorming. They call it brainstorming I call it monkey-poo. They’re the same thing and completely valid, but come on, monkey-poo is funnier.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’m no designer. However, for the last 6 months, I’ve been playing with design and typography so I wasn’t completely adverse to attempting this.

I digress, here’s monkey-poo;

As you can see, I just typed Influential in different font faces to see if anything stuck out. There are likely easier ways to do this, but I look at a big page with ton of the exact same word in different faces and I can see things that stand out. A curve here, a heavy letter there.

After looking at the above image for a while (I confess to about half an hour) I knew I didn’t like any of them. So I did a quick font look to see if anything pops out;

That’s when I saw it. Bauhaus 93

I liked its weight (it’s heavy, really heavy). But I didn’t want just heavy. I wanted flow. I wanted curves. I also wanted something the word implies: influence. I wanted the letters to influence each other.

So I started looking at the individual letters. Starting with the I. In essence, I grabbed the f and copied its curve;

Then I thought, the L is basically just an uppercase I, right? So I flipped it and voilà! An L!

You might also notice that the I is now thinner. I matched the width of the L.

Then my focus shifted to the n and the u. I knew I’d be flipping the u as an echo of the n, so really my focus shifted to the n. To get what I wanted, I added a triangle to the corner of the n.

So here I am, the I, the L, the n and u are where I want them. The lowercase i is simply a shorter I with the ever-so-important dot.

As might be noticed, I’ve concentrated on what could be considered the easy characters. So I stayed in the vein with the easily solved f and t. My decision is to simply add a second rectangle so the character is balanced, copy and flip vertically. That’s right, once again, I am reusing the character;

On to the characters that legitimately scared me; a and e. Starting with the a. For a, I chose to make two circles and add a triangle. I mean, it took some time to figure out that’s what I wanted to do, but not much and that’s that;

I am so close now I can taste it.

The last letter to figure out is the e. To be fair, this was/is a tough one. I’m happy with it, but not over the moon about it. It is a flipped a with a strike-through, essentially.

And that is that. With some tightening, a lot of tweaking for alignment, I arrive at;

If you want to see the iterations as I progressed, here they are: