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Help the Production of Influential

I am looking for an able-bodied individual to help me with recording at FiTC Toronto. The organizers of FiTC have graciously donated a pass to the event to someone who can give me a hand. It’s a pretty amazing value

Here are the requirements. The candidate is someone who:
1. Is willing to lose a lot of time you could be using watching sessions. I am looking to have you available for recording each afternoon between 1:30 (after lunch) and 5:30 (after the last session is over). The one exception will be Monday between 2 and 2:30 when I need my laptop for my session in the Voodoo Lounge. I intend to be available after my session and it would be cool if you were there to get oriented.

2. Is trustworthy enough to leave you with my equipment. There’s not a lot of it, but it’s mine and I’d miss it if it got lost or stolen.

3. Has some aesthetic eye for positioning, some level of attention to detail and willingness to work a repetitive task.

4. Is approachable and welcoming. If people are being directed to you for a recording and you’re not paying attention by being on your phone or surly, that’s not going to work out.

5. Is available April 27th for the FlashinTO Flash User Group meeting where I will be performing a test shoot and would like you there to run through the rigamarole with me.

Sound good? Email me hugh [at] influentialmovie [dot] com

I will reply to everyone but only one person gets the gig.

Thanks so much for reading and your interest in supporting the project!

Moviesinhaiku at FlashinTO

For those of you that read this blog, you might be disappointed to see it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. However, if you’re also a follower of mine on Twitter, you’re likely not that surprised.

Over the past few months I’ve been busying myself with freelance work, thank God, and my side/personal project, Moviesinhaiku.

It’s been a busy project, as all the best personal projects are. I tweet, blog about printing, sell the prints and started a Facebook page to support the effort. I also maintain a “play” site for the haikus where I add functionality every so often as a way of experimenting. The latest feature was to add SWFaddress. You can’t bookmark a fave haiku, yet, but it’s coming, I swear.

I am presenting about the experience of Moviesinhaiku and giving away a few prints tonight at the TO flash user group (FlashinTO) monthly meeting at Function 13. I hope you’re able to come!